Sunday, January 18, 2009

When in heat

it means you are human. Strangely enough, when people complain that their cats are in heat and they have to deal with that eight times a year, I remind them that we are people, and thus have to deal with it 365 days a year.

I am not here to share a secret with you, because you have probably discovered it. I can only conclude that because every time I go to Dan Murphy's, these little guys are sold out. They're not just good drinking for the heat, they're just good drinking.

And hell, when I go to the Night Market, they are good to smuggle in and open without having to fish for that bottle opener.

It's 35 degrees and that cactus is not intentional, but it is fitting. As previously stated, the house is that of "phallic cacti" fame, although the one pictured is a poor example. That photo was only taken seconds after sitting outside and you can see how nice and frosty the can has gotten.

The big awesomeness with these is that they hold the same volume as the bottles and are only three dollars each...or when you compare them in cases, $53 as opposed to the $75 for the bottles.

As I was discussing this with the friendly, local stock-boy at Dan's, we did get onto the point that these are not actually made in Japan, but packed and etc in Thailand, so, if you're going for authentico, you still have to go to J-pan.

So, there you go.
There is my secret of booze for the Summer to you.

But what I will keep dear to my heart are the delivery times of these babies. That, you don't get.

One question though, why the hell is it taking so long for my bottle of Hendricks to arrive??? It has been three months.


tytty said...

it's the same with milk, why pay more for bottled milk when it's cheaper buying the carton

Maria said...

Ahhhhh Asahi! Great choice of beer. One of my fav's too. Could go for one Rigggghhhht NOW!

bunchesmcginty said...

Maria- Haha, yeah. I am dedicated to getting the slabs. The only problem is carrying it home, seeing as I don't drive. Beer would be good right now.

tytty- I never thought about that, good point, though. I don't drink milk so I have never noticed.