Sunday, January 18, 2009

I kicked your ass, BB

and I didn't cheat...unlike you and the Gray.

Tsk tsk tsk.

As you can see, there are the scores for a card game with me finishing after everyone "died" for getting scored over 1000 and me finishing on a 630.

Yes, I like gloating.

But then, you also get why I don't draw. That thing that looks like an alligator is actually a Mr Squiggle-styled collaboration between 4 nuts, crank calling Fish and Gray after a dinner party, attempting to bring "Warren" to life.

Warren is a worm...but we will leave that explanation.

To top the childishness, we caused anxiety with a fish at 4 in the morning enough for him to drive to Gray's house, freak her out, call the Gingold's number, with me answering as "Dial a Vagina," and telling him that we don't have an enquiries line.

Can you believe I am the youngest one in the group?

Can you also believe that we ended up resorting to such desperate times as to drink Campari straight after having run out of ice cubes and then realising that we had Scotch?

Oh, and there was drunken hairdressing with the BB.

We also resurrected Burnie (the burn victim) which is usually a hideous creation only worn by BB through the Christobel.

It was weird.

But we did make a kickass roast beef with potatoes, green beans and a pumpkin mash.

The amazing Narti Pants brought Honey and Cinnamon King Island Dairy yogurt along with tinned peaches and Spacalaa Dutch Spice cookies, which we layered and crushed the cookies on top of.

Total omnomnom.

Erm, racism anyone?

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