Friday, January 9, 2009

Excuse me

but I have been attempting some sort of self improvement, and I don't mean in the masturbation way of my good friend, Chuck P.

I have been spending too many hours at the gym and then guzzling the calories back in alcomahol in the evening while cooking for the crew who rehearse in the eve.

Sure, I have been to the markets several times this week and carried food back in hiking bags, but it doesn't mean I have to write an essay about it.

I will spare you my bitching, but this is really just an update to say that I will update when I get some fucking time to myself.

Also, I hate people posting pictures of their cats/dogs/fish/non-edible animal of stupid affection on their food blogs.

It's like when someone says that their child is gifted and need some special attention. Yeah, I get it, you didn't spawn something that is going to take a shit in its pants after it's crawled out two years down the track, or in the case of the animal, knows the specified area to shit.

I forget where I am's been a long week.

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Cindy said...

Heya Bunches! Not sure if you noticed, but there's another food bloggers' meet-up on the boil - details here. It'd be cool to see you there, if you're able. :-)