Sunday, January 18, 2009

In no particular order

because I am one without order. The days are all the same when you're jobless, although, I completely bombed a trial due to a cancellation of more than twenty for a booking on a Saturday night and standing, polishing cutlery, pretending not to over service the sixteen which actually came in between the three FOH staff on for the evening.

*shakes head*

And that is why I partied till some obscure hour at yet another awkward party where I simulated passive-aggressive sex on an American midget for "fucking us" and being part of the crew that "broke the table."

Oh, and both those things didn't happen at the same time and are completely independent events.

So, on the Saturday day, there was a lot of cleaning. For the not-so-breakfast of champions, I made fried rice that Kylie Kwong (without her bullshit between stories) would have approved of due to the oh-so-authentic nature.
Alas, no photo, cos we all know how fried rice goes.

Then, a rooftop was cleaned and a 4:30pm lunch was made.

This is just the set up, after having washed that disgusting floor.

Hmm, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

And cos I am one classy broad, I brought out sunglasses for everyone. It was, erm...sunny.

We don't have cruets here. I love how the pepper is actually ground in an old-school coffee grinder. You know, where you wind a lever by hand.

It is THE SEX.

Our lunch.

And the unfortunate one setting for the Gingold who ran out to buy the BB bolts. Too late, son.

DaVa Special
serves 4

olive oil
3 cloves of garlic, finely diced
5 anchovies, diced
3 handfuls of mixed olives, roughly chopped
5 tomatoes, cut into wedges
1/2 bunch of parsley, roughly chopped

Rigatoni for 4

Cook the rigatoni according to packet instructions. Instead of putting the lid on, put the pan you will be cooking everything on over the top and allow the steam to heat the pan. Add the olive oil when it is hot and then the garlic and anchovies. When the garlic is translucent, add the olives and tomatoes and cooked till they are warm and add the parsley, stirring just to wilt slightly. Season with salt and pepper, adding the cooked pasta to the pan.



I'm Philippa O said...

fantastic. the sunglasses were a nice touch, and the 'pepper in a coffee grinder served in a draw' is a great idea.

bunchesmcginty said...

Oh, the drawer is part of the coffee grinder. Outrageous.

Also, this one of totally doable without the anchovies. We're just gluttons.