Thursday, July 31, 2008


When one assumes an alter-ego known only by people who are not "in-the-real-world" acquaintances, it is a lot easier to not only be candid, but ridiculous. Shame, embarrassment and humility somehow crept its way into my hung over head when I had to admit to my drunken-lout friends at an absurd hour of the morning that I had to retire because I had to, " Meet some bloggers," in the morning, and then say, "I'm FattyMcBeanpole," when the social experiment started.
My head feels a little heavy.
Only recently had a close friend of mine discovered that I wrote my misadvevntured food-styles under FattyMcBeanpole. After the of-course-you'd-name-something-that-stupid laughter subsided, they asked me why.
It's all because of whim, I thought to myself. But, no one likes that type of reasoning, it's not interesting enough.
So, I defaulted to my "because I was drunk and thought it would be interesting."
Still, a disappointment to hear, but it sounds less evasive.

Cheers, its time to drown some riot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Internet shaping sucks.

So, the internet has been shaped, but that is the nature of a share house. There is a stupid amount of back-logged posts, but it has gotten to the point where I just don't care anymore.

However, my internet addicted housemate has informed me of a twitter meeting (unfortuantely, I am only just geek enough to understand that). The meetings happen monthly and is aimed at entrepreneurs, but this month's is headed by Paul Mathis of 100 Mile Cafe, Taxi and well, you know the rest.

It's free, you just have to RSVP.

The Dirty Deets:
Who: Paul Mathis
7pm, August 12th, 2008
100 Mile Cafe @ Melbourne Central
Email or RSVP through the Facebook event (coming soon)

It all began with the bustling pizzeria he opened at 23. Since then Paul Mathis has been behind a long list of popular Melbourne restaurants including Transport, Taxi, Transit, Upper House and Lower House, Chocolate Buddha, Soulmama and Automatic. After relinquishing Transport Hotel on Federation Square Paul vowed never to serve meat in another one of his restaurants. While commercial realities have impeded the full realisation of that ambition, Soulmama has continued to thrive in St Kilda.

In 2007 he opened 100 Mile Cafe, a concept restaurant in the CBD sourcing 95% of its menu from within a hundred-mile (160 km) radius, with ecologically sustainable dining at its core. About 18 months ago Paul set up a firm that designs eco-buildings, and they are currently working on a compound-style home, supermarket and a commercial building.