Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Friends are good to you.

Last week saw desperation at the hand of myself and DaVa.

It seemed that neither of us had access to our accounts or our cash and had twenty dollars to our names for two days. Just to be clear, that was twenty dollars collectively.

I was feeling a little weary and defeated by technology, and DaVa was left confused. So, as I sat at the computer and sighed, he went off to the local Safeway to scrounge something to cook for the both of us because for the first time ever, I really didn't want to set foot in the kitchen. Of course, my anxiety peaked as I let someone loose in my kitchen where my obvious systems with how I shelve, store, pack, use and wash things showed how obsessive compulsive I was (and still am). Of course he giggled, and then at some stage, admitted that I was a mad bitch, but it was all in the name of Napoli.

So, this is what the boy conjured after the guy at Safeway took pity on him and our coins and let him walk free with cash to spare.

Oh, and we noted that the quality of sausage obviously makes or breaks this.

Fennel Sausages in Napoli with a Broccoli Something-Something.

olive oil
1 tin of tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic, diced
3 fennel sausages

pasta, cooked and drained

broccoli, boiled in heavily salted water

Make the napoli by reducing the tomatoes over a low heat with the olive oil after sauteing off the garlic for 30 minutes.
When this is done, swirl half of the napoli with the pasta so it doesn't stick together.
Fry off the sausages and add to the remaining napoli.
After the broccoli is cooked, dice and fry off with a clove of diced garlic and oil.
Assemble by dividing the pasta, adding the sausage and napoli over the top and serve with the broccoli on the side and mix in with the dish at to your own taste.

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