Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's ok, I'll feed you.

My family and I made Joong (or as the Chinese call, Zongzi) a while ago and I had a hungry boy turn up to visit me.

So, I fed him this and bok choi in oyster sauce. And unlike what Kylie Kwong tells you, choi does no mean green, it means vegetable. Damn 6th Generation....

I won't give you the steps on how to make Joong, as it will be too involved and you won't want to make it anyways.

Plus, it will make you cry.

Bok Choi in Oyster Sauce

5 large segments of Bok choi, segmented and leaves sliced
Rice bran oil
oyster sauce

Steam the stems first till almost translucent and then add the leaves till they slightly wilt. Drain and lightly salt.
Heat oil in a very hot pan and add the vegies, shake oyster sauce over to taste, moving around the pan very quickly to distribute and prevent burning. Serve.


Agnes said...

Ohmygod you made Joong! I've thought about making it over the past couple of years, but yeah, it probably would make me cry.

bunchesmcginty said...

Yeah, it took a whole day seeing that you have to soak the leaves and half the ingredients all night.

That also means you have to have a house to yourself and enough buckets/sinks/hiding places, not to mention tying skills.