Saturday, October 27, 2007


There are so many reasons to start a blog, but a food blog is a step up in the snob ladder. My aim here isn't really to bring you the best of my food experiences, but food experiences in general. However, who is to trust a girl who exercises for the sole purpose of eating more cheese?
Hopefully, this will feature as a collection of stories rather than experiences and serve as a piece of entertainment, rather than self-acknowledged food-journalism gone wrong; hence the name.

Fatty McBeanpole's Manifesto:

1- To entertain.
2- To eat.
3- To eat more cheese than any other 19 year old can handle.
4- To acquire a digital camera capable of documenting haphazard journeys that may or may not involve food.
5- To abolish sentimentality.
6- To give food more of a story other than, 'So, I ate this shit last night.'
7- To swear like a sailor, while doing all of the above and hopefully, keep an open mind.

And of course, like any other individual embarking on such a process, I will revise my manifesto a year from now, again at 6:17 in the morning after a hard night of gin and tonics, surrounded by water that has gone warm from an ancient laptop.