Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wesley Anne in the afternoon is so wrong.

Well, last Friday, after cooking and rehearsing I ran to the Wesley Anne in Northcote for a few beers while my friend and I shared a plate of dips and she ate the beef and Guinness pie with mash and peas.

Unfortunately, it was too nice a day and the only guy working (to be fair, it was three in the afternoon) took ten minutes to notice us at the bar.

Generally, I like the food here, but there was something incredibly wrong this time. The bread was stale and not heated through for the dips. The token rocket was wilted and we preferred to just give up. The range was hummus, beetroot and a carrot and almond dip.

My friend, who had been awake since four in the morning, working for the breakfast news who usually demoishes everything in sight had to leave the peas as they somehow burnt frozen ones. It was just confusing.

So, we decided to make some art.

Dip face, and soon to be pea mountain with a cap of snow.

Fortunately, after this we cleaned it up for them...you know, cos we're nice.

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