Monday, March 23, 2009

Where do we start?

I ended up cooking for over fifty people for the fundraiser. We catered for the dairy free, gluten intolerant, vegetarians, vegans and the eat-everythings.
We= me and the Don Phish. Don Phish did the vegan entree, which you will see later.
Later, later.

The vegetable/fruit bounty picked up on Thursday morning.

And I definitely needed many of these to start cooking. I didn't take photos of the meat main because the look of raw osso bucco is bad enough. I mean, after carrying over 14 kilos of the stuff home, I don't think I will be eating meat for a very long time.

Black eyed beans in a pot with garlic, will be the filling for the pastry of vegan/veg peoples.
Hmm, my old friend silverbeet.

They make nice together.
With salt.
Lots of salt.
And lemon.
Later, later.
I bought a box of 50 Red Danjour pears, lemons and oranges for $22. The woman was all, "Oh, 15 pears?"
Woman- Fif-TEEN???
Me- FIFTY. (actions with hands)
Woman- *blink*
The most enjoyable part of making the meal was pouring 2 bottles of red into a pot. That fun was pretty much over in 20 seconds.
I poached the peeled pears in a pot with a cup and a half of sugar, cinnamon, star anise, orange and lemon zest.
The most painful part of it all was peeling the 50 pears.
A composter's dream.
Time for a cartouche and a plate, me thinks?
Caramelized shallots...well, they're on their way...
Roasted baby beets.

I murdered some vegetables.

No, really.

And I skinned the fuckers...hannibal style.

Now, before you criticize me cooking in a playsuit and the Phish cooking in thongs and shorty-shorts, let me remind you that Saturday was 33 degrees. Also, we were assigned to the second level, with a north facing window that wouldn't stay open. All burners were going and the uber-oven was on. Be thankful I don't really sweat.

DP's entree. Vegan ravioli with soft and firm tofu, macadamias, pumpkin and basil with napoli.
The traumatic thing about this was that despite all the heat, the water wasn't boiling. Not even when we poured boiling water from the kettle directly into a pot on the highest heat.

My gluten-free entree of roasted beets, roasted walnuts, caramelized shallots and sauteed beet greens.
The meat main of osso busso cooked in red wine on lentils.

The vegan/veg main of the silverbeet pastries with a dressed salad. Oh, and my sister dutifully removed all the pips from the lemon.
Pears poached in red wine.

I was pretty much completely out of it by this stage. I don't even remember this photo. I look completely robotic.
Apparently I am leaning on the fridge.
Oh, and I finally changed out of my clothes and joined the party where the people involved in my art project wanted to kill me after sitting in over three hours of silence. They all woke from it in the end and wanted to lynch me. Thank god they were too full for that amount of movement.
Oh, and then, my ex-housemate hugged me from behind when I recieved my first beer for the night, outside of the kitchen...and the entirety of it spilt down my front.
It was hot, I gave up and partied and ended up lying in the gutter with my current housemate for a few hours because we were unable to stand.
I won't be cooking for a long time, if I have anything to say about any of it.

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