Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Art's sake. Aka. Don't break the legs, please.

So, there is a fundraiser happening and I am the kitchen bitch and somehow entrusting my dear Jason, housemate extraordinaire, to be in charge of my 'performance' downstairs.

Yesterday saw me carrying 14.1kg of osso bucco from the market, as well as 50 pears and kilos and kilos of beans. We did a round trip, ended up in Brunswick and then at Vintage Cellars where I came out with a case of clean skins to cook with. In a backless dress.
Not classy.
Then, there was other shit.
But, my sister being my sister also managed to see 15 kg of dog food. And, so that too, was carried. I don't quite understand, she doesn't even have 15kg of dog.

So, I spent all last night and today in the kitchen. I feel like I haven't seen daylight.
Right now, beetroots are roasting and shallots are caramelizing and I am waiting for the filling for my pastry to cool.
I feel like I am a little in over my head, since my kitchen hand has pulled out of today in favour of getting a mouth guard moulded by her dentist friend.

A good thing that I have discovered through finishing all my coffee and literally having drunk all of my green tea...Sugarfree Red Bulls are two dollars at the local IGA. I still don't know what my tastebuds are saying, but for now, I am going to get a longneck of Coopers.

Check here for the program.
Unfortunately the dinner is booked out.
Sorry, gotta run, longnecks beckon.

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