Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stars of Europe, 2009. Jean-Paul Jeunet at Philippe Mouchele.

When you're in a class called Arts Industry in Context, unfortunately, you know it is going to be a little dry. It is especially going to be dry when you're somehow managing to be in a 'heated' discussion about arts policy, or rather, why Australia doesn't have a Cultural Policy.

It's a good thing you are wearing pants with pockets today.
And your phone is on silent all the time.
Which means, it will always be vibrating. You know, even when you're writing with fragmented sentences.
Especially when you're arguing about how there is no Cultural Policy.
Wait, did you know there was no Cultural Policy?
Well, you do now.

Wait, this discussion is boring.
Let's check the phone.

You definitely know it isn't one of your friends calling when a voicemail is actually left.
Pity the hearing piece on your phone is about to die.
On the other end of your heinous voicemail message is Ed asking you if you're interested to come to a dinner because [the appropriate pseudonym, please] is sick. That is all the information you can actually hear, oh, and it is at Crown.
You call up, and yes, your phone is still shit at life. More information; Philippe Mouchele.
That is all you need. Oh yeah, definitely the Gods letting me stick to my no-cooking-for-a-week campaign.

You get there and you start to realise that it is a Jean-Paul Jeunet thing.
Did you hear that?
Yes, it is the sound of pennies falling from the sky.
Don't face-palm it. You're surrounded by well established judgey eyes.

Anyways, here is the food. I will let the straight forward ones speak for themselves. Everything was perfectly cooked, and no one left anything on their plates.
I admit that I didn't take a photo of the first course. I was too tentative. Then, Ed whipped out his iphone and that was the end of that. He was Twittering.
Me, I still don't know what that really is.
It was Pressed free-range chicken in yellow wine, mousseline with curry and walnut, celery and tarragon salad.
Wine: Domaine Jacques Puffeney Cuvee Sacha 2004

Potato and Truffle- a fine distinction of texture and taste.
That is how it was described in the menu. When I took a bite of this I was all, "ooooh, texture," and then I read the menu. I kind of felt like that kid who writes on the circle paper in class.
As you can see, it is loaded with truffles.
And that spherical thing, we later found out, after debate, is pigs trotter. Awesome.
Wine: Penfolds 06A Chardonnay 2006
LOADED with truffles.

Pan-seared scallops, soft polenta, red wine and beetroot jus, crispy coppa tuile
Wine: Penfolds Bin 51 Riesling 2008
Sherbet with Marc d'Arbois and sage.
This left everyone wishing that we had the capability to shove our faces in very small holes. Tasted like a sorbet of eau de vie, everyone's first words were, "Oh, this is very alcoholic."
Pan roasted veal tenderloin with glazed carrots and caraway, croquette of sweetbread, oregano jus.
Wine: Domaine Jacques Puffeney Trousseau 2005.
Cheeses from the Jura region of France Young and Mature Comte, Morbier.
Mine actually came with the bread like that. They must obviously know how I like my cheese. Big love.
Wine: Domaine Jacques Puffeney Vin Jaune 1999.

Medley of morels with juniper berry ice cream, spiced feuillantine.
Um, wow. What a way to eat morels. Those textural flavour-suckers are pretty much whores of it when it comes to the way they were presented.
Wine: Paul Jaboulet Muscat de Beaumes De Venise 2006

Chicory financier, morel macaroons, marshmallow with fennel and Absinthe.
My call for the pick of the bunch were the marshmallows, and that was even before they hit the table. And no, it isn't just because they have Absinthe in them. Now, if only I could have asked how they were made. Ed and I did find ourselves comparing the macaroons to Duncan's though...

What a way to spend a Tuesday, especially with both Philippe Mouchele and Jean-Paul Jeunet coming around to visit all the tables. I am so glad that I live so close to the city I can get my shit together in no time.
And hell, if Ed is going to post more things like this on Twitter if [appropriate psuedonym] is sick, I may just get one.
Just don't hold your breath, kids.


Zoe said...

You should totally get a Twitter. You're missing out on Ed's bondage themed late night flirtfests with Ellie from KitchenWench.

I am not making this up.

claire said...

Zoe, don't encourage him! :)

Zoe said...

But it's so fun to watch! The bit where she said she avoided too much anal sex because she didn't want a slack arse still fills me with lols.

bunchesmcginty said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

did you two just do some techno-cross-over?


claire said...

Sorry Bunches!

Erm, I'm afraid I had a very different reaction Zoe. :)

Ooops, sorry Bunches, I did it again. Beastly of me, I know.

bunchesmcginty said...

Haha. Go for it. Just more proof that I don't necessarily need a Twitter to be part of the conversation.

Ed said...

I'm not sure it's me that needs encouraging. What happened was an escalation of a conversation about who had the most salty conversation at dinner and Ellie was interested in my blog character the Martini Monster's reparti in front of waiters.I started tweeting #blush as a joke and it sort of escalated to the point that a BDSM mistress started following me. That's entertainment!