Friday, March 13, 2009

It appears

that a BROAST is happening at my house at the moment.

BROAST; a hipster invented compound noun.
Bros who roast.
Guys with skinny jeans sitting in the kitchen with vegetables, using cookie sheets as roasting trays and two legs of lamb which are being stuffed with herbs, that will probably dry out in the oven instead of cook, talking about macking on underaged girls. I'm not a self-proclaimed feminist, but at least I have dignity.

Me (returning from the market)- Dude, you know that beetroots take around three to four hours to cook...and those are huge.
Boy 1- Oh...well, we can microwave them.
Me- *facepalm*

I would take a photo, but I would also go for a run if it didn't just rain the entirety of the Seine on my head.

God help me.
Oh, and my knives! Oh, my knives! Enough to use exclamation marks for poignancy.

Here, watch a video of a NT pig eating grass instead.


claire said...

BROAST!? For realz?? This latest addition to the hipster lexicon is..... ugh.
I was stuck in the rain behind two hipsters this morning who were loudly discussing the merits of banging virgins. I feel your pain.

claire said...

................I should clarify, I feel your pain at being stuck in a room with hipsters. Not the pain of virgins... oh, forget I ever spoke.

bunchesmcginty said...

You have the same disease as me.

Just look at it like it is character and smile like you were meant to say it.

As for the BROAST...oh, no joke. I can't possibly come up with that.

Charlotte said...

HAHAHA ah fuck watching those boys cook would be hilarious.