Sunday, March 8, 2009

Because you'll be reading this on everyone else's blog

I decided to be unoriginal and do much the same.

Yes, we the food-geek, techno-chic (ahem, Ed: live meet-up Twitterer), sticky-fingered, omnomnom monsters got together at the Commoner and basically ate ourselves into cheese-dream, sugar-comas on the afternoon of the 7th.

Was that a messy sentence?

I am not going to try and list everyone that attended, because I will undoubtedly leave someone out. That is just how my brain works...and really, after posting and hitting the edit button is more work than I care to do right now.

So, I will let the pictures do the talking, not that pictures talk, but neither does text unless read aloud.

The Commoner let us use their wood oven, which Sarah and Sandra used to make Flammkuchen.

They also donated Mt Zero olives to us, which had been warmed with fresh herbs and olive oil.

They set the tables for us, but, with being the container kings of Fitzroy, we had to unset the tables and take it over. You can see Agnes' friands, Sarah's "The Rock's Cookies" and her hand cutting the Flammkuchen and Brian's bread and dips.
Gee, I wonder who made these? I loved the peach and cinnamon macarons. Oh, love.

Sarah and I decided we were not going to be too gluttonous and halved a violet and peach and cinnamon maracon. Um, sorry for destroying it, Duncan, but it was for the greater good.

Hmm, and underneath, no, it isn't roll call, we are just getting more and more connected.
Thanh made a carrot cake and
"slightly burnt" blondies. Personally, I didn't taste the burnt, and I have to admit I didn't get to eat one of these till I got home as I was way too full.
Keep reading and you will find my reason.

Claire made these very appropriately sized passionfruit cookies which I would have kept eating if it were not for my brain and stomach working together to destroy me.

Now, before I get to the cheese, I would like to say that I didn't take a photo of some things, mainly because I was too busy eating. That happens, kind of like jumping into a dumpster with one of your close friends on a Tuesday night, only to find dented cans of deodorant.

Sorry, what?

Fiona brought dips
Agnes also brought chicken wings
There were more dips from Cath
Jack brought grapes, walnuts and dates and
Joel brought figs from his garden.

Not that any of these should be overlooked, especially if I ate it with all that cheese.
Apologies now if I forgot anything.

Sorry, did someone say CHEESE???
Ed brought cheese from Will Studd, aka Calendar Cheese Co man, aka the guy who wrote my bible.
This was my favourite cheese. Pretend that Claire and I didn't take a quarter of the wheel that was left back to our own abodes.
I can only describe this in one way: it was the sex, especially with the figs. I did try and look around for cracked pepper, but alas...

The chevre. Very soft, sticky and surprisingly, not as pungent as I thought it was going to be.

Camembert. I didn't try this one, I was too busy with the rest. I won't pretend that I ate any of the cheeses with bread or crackers. Personally, with the limited space in me, something was deemed unnecessary and yes, I gorged on cheese on its own.

And, the cheddar which Sarah fell in love with. Like Claire and I, she took the remaining chunk home. Clever girl.

I did say I would expose her though, and now I will.

If you ever see an off-angle slice taken from a piece of cake, or pie or shall understand that it is Sarah's calling card. She robs you of symmetry.


And again!

And Brian of Fitzroyalty, giving me a very bread-dipped thumbs up, like a true champion.

Till next time, bitches!


Charlotte said...

Holy mother of cheese, I'm jealous!

Fitzroyalty said...

Hmm congrats on beating the previous best least flattering pic of me! LOLs

bunchesmcginty said...

Fitzroyalty- woah, did you just LOL me? Using abbreviations as verbs. *gasp*

Don't worry, you'll soon understand that I am little bit of a grammar Nazi.

Charlotte- damn straight, Frenchie!

Sarah said...

But.. but... the little wedges are the most delicious!

Man, that cheddar was GOOD. :D

FoodieFi said...

That's a pretty good list of food and attendees, for someone who wasn't going to list everything!

While the controversy of the oblique cutter needed to be exposed, that salted caramel tart can't be pictured without a comment about how stupendous it was. Still dreaming of it...

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

I cant do it anymore, I cant read anymore posts about the meet up, It makes me cry! I wish i was there!