Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 2

Of applications.

Bunkered down with the Christobel, DaVa and the Golden Ging so quiet you would swear he died in front of his computer.

There was a whole lot of feverent typing and

The mission at the moment is making gluten free and dairy free food. Le sigh. I cheese in sight.

Starting off with a French Onion soup. My crouton, as did Chrisobel's had cheese. Sadly, we could not bake it into the soup as the oven used is portable and cannot even fit a pan in.
Thank god for gluten free bread. Oh, did anyone else notice that Silly Yaks has been bought out and is now called Sacs?

And their bread, which tastes like cake is eight dollars a loaf. WTF?

5 onions caramelised and cooked in a beef broth with thyme and bay leaves. Nuttelex instead of butter. So sad. Though, I do prefer Nuttelex sometimes.

I made a broccoli cream from steaming three heads of broccoli, and throwing it in a blender with olive oil, salt, pepper, chili flakes and roasted walnuts.

Fried off some bacon for the bacon eaters and stirred it all together with pasta (and gluten free for the gluten free) and served with oven roasted tomatoes.

This broccoli cream lasted quite a few days and made it onto sandwiches, toasts and other things.

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