Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank God for the Lincoln.

You know how I said that I wasn't going to cook for a while.

Well, the Hotel Lincoln are doing their $12 bar meals again.

I got the grilled sardines with tzatsiki and a greek salad.
Oh yeah. I love sardines, so this is a given. But, I have to say, it was the salad that made it. Real tomatoes, crunchy chunks of seeded cucumber, creamy feta and surprisingly, capers and olives.

My dining partner and I shared mushroom aranchini. $8
This is the first disappointing thing I have had at the Lincoln. They were weird and served with sour cream.
All they needed were napoli or salt.
And finally, the calamari salad. Very well balanced.

Hotel Lincoln,
91 Cardigan St
Carlton, 3053


claire said...

Agreed that the arancini look meh and I don't much like the look of the calamari salad but those grilled sardines with greek salad look really fabulous.

Oh, and I am totally attempting to make your chocolate salted caramel tart for a dinner party next weekend. You may receive a hysterical email asking for last-minute advice.

bunchesmcginty said...

Haha. Yeah, the look of the salad was suspect, but very well dressed.
And email away.