Friday, March 6, 2009


So, the problem here is how I transport this one without destroying it.

Salted caramel and dark chocolate tart.

50g butter
50g icing sugar
1 egg
140g plain flour

Salted caramel
135g sugar
50ml cream
60g butter

Chocolate ganache
110g dark chocolate (I used 70%)
1/2 cup of cream

Make your dough by creaming the icing sugar with the butter. Add the egg and then bring it together with the flour.
Don't do what I did and use the food processor because you used it for the Pissaladiere. Worst move ever.
Refrigerate the dough in cling film for an hour or so. Till it is cold and hard.

Roll it out on a well greased tray.
Blind bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and then, remove the weights and bake until golden. Around 10 minutes.

Make the caramel by placing the sugar in a pot and cooking it until it is a deep brown.
Then, add your butter and cream as a stopper with the mixture off the heat. Stir and then place back on the heat. Add salt to taste as you stir to combine and pour on the base of the tart.

Then, make your ganache by melting the chocolate and cream together and pour it over the caramel. This is a picture of it before I banged the tray a few times to get the air bubbles out.
Refrigerate until it properly sets and then figure out how you're going to take it to Fitzroy when the tin has a removable bottom which you cannot control.

People, you are eating this one...suggestions???


Zoe said...

How can you salt the caramel to taste when it's burny-hot? Do you have to get it wrong once and fix it next time (a favourite technique of mine)

bunchesmcginty said...

When you add the stoppers when it is off the heat, it cools it down.
I am fine with the temperature then, so I assume it is fine for everyone.

steph said...

I assume you've already transported it, but I either try and find a thing to put it on (ie, a gigantic cake box or a chopping board) and then tie it the fuck down with glad wrap, or I find a person and make them sit in the passenger seat and hold it VERY CAREFULLY.

Cindy said...

Oh fark, I can't believe I missed out on this floozy of a tart. I hope those bloggers were sufficiently appreciative!

cathy said...

That tart was INCREDIBLE, and I am not a caramel person. Jess, like it or not, you have a new blog devotee, and it is I.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

DAMNN!!! I missed this too! Everything looked delicious. Looks like I'm going to have to recreate this at home if I want to taste it. And good job at transporting it to the venue!