Monday, December 1, 2008

Ying Thai 2

It's Thai time. This is probably my favourite place to go for Thai in Melbourne. They certainly don't hold back on the chili and don't make any apologies for not catering to (excuse the racism) white-man tongue. Their menu is also extremely comprehensive and they have a separate one for lunch, where their dishes are all $9.90. The shortened lunch menu is also three pages long.

For a girl who has, in the past, eaten a whole dried blackened chili with nothing else, this place has left me unable to finish a salad when I ordered it "Hot" as opposed to "Medium."

Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is what my friend ordered. Gouy Teaw Nuer. It's actually my favourite soup noodle. Incredibly rich and deeply fragrant, it is a special beef noodle soup with brisket, beansprouts, sliced beef, beef ball and liver. I love the sprinkling of fresh herbs over the top to cut the richness.
Generally, I go a little mad with the ground chili powder here, but my friend is not that way inclined.
And note, Beef balls= processed meat held together by gluten, NOT testicles (that, I believe is pizzle...or maybe that is the wang. I can't remember).

Gouy Teaw Moo. The spicy special pork noodle with minced pork, fish balls, liver, beansprouts, spring onion, dried shrimp and crushed peanut.
Yes, I added more chili.

Whenever I come here, I think of what one of my close friends said while eating spice. She is a product of a Pole and Chinois-land.
"Oh, God...JESS!!! My Polish nose says, 'No,' but my Asian mouth says, 'Yes!'

On a side note, did anyone notice the moon last night?

Apparently a once in a life-time occurrence. Aligned with Mercury and Venus or something to smile at you while you're trying to sleep.
My housemate's mother was more than enthused to tell him, and our whole house ran out to marvel at it.

The moon, also known as the 'Alabaster Retard.'

Ying Thai 2
110 Lygon St
03 9639 1697

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