Monday, December 29, 2008

The Final Christmas (Gingold makes another special)

On the Sunday, more friends had a little barbecue and it was all a little impromptu. And yet again, we all got pretty tipsy.

It is strange when you keep running into the same group of people in the local stupidmarket/bottle shop and then see them at the party.

This is the beginning. There was a plate of grilled calamari before, but we ate it. We ate it good and with our fingers.
They are oven roasted tomatoes you see over there, stuffed sardines are on their way and that guy over there is eating vegan sausages.

Mr DaVa grilling off Haloumi and onions. This was the only good batch of onions as after that, people would throw lamb and beef on and then, the onions just tasted like animal-fat-special-combination. It reminded me of the meat in the kebab that I had when I lost my drunken food virginity.

The Golden Ging is starting to get a little drunk and cocky. They began to dance as they cooked and lost track of what they were cooking. They're kind of like the not-so-but-very-camp-Ainsley-Harriott-emulators.

The token gratuitous sausage-cock photo.

And the best face that Gingold has ever pulled. Note how he looks like Gargamel. Well, he always does, but he's skinny and not after little blue things, but finally people noticed. This is his face after watching DaVa chop his sausage cock in know, just to see if it was done.

And, if you're reading this Gingold...I still love you, but you have to know the truth.

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