Friday, December 5, 2008

Comfort food is always hideous.

I am feeling a little worse for wear as I had been out drinking and didn't crawl into bed till 5am. The funny part is that I didn't intend to have a big night, a long night or any type of night past a dinner with friends that didn't happen anyways.
An outing was made and Match was revisited.

One of my friends was hell bent on a kebab and convinced me to eat part of one. I had the innards in a box and pretty much only ate the lettuce and a few strips of meat.
I had never had a kebab before.

Yes, gasp.

You done?

Well, I had been a vegetarian for 6 and a half years and just never had the opportunity. My friend was very proud of taking my kebab virginity. Needless to say, I could feel my tongue lining itself with animal fat (not in a good way) which is why I only ate a few strips of the meat before I waved a white flag.
My friend said she had to stop eating hers when she was about three bites from the end because she could feel her heart palpitating (though she said she felt unsatisfied because she really wanted to finish it). It is not to say that she is obese or even overweight, but between her ridiculously good eating (Vietnamese family), she has no qualms with sucking down a serve of nachos to herself or washing a Chico roll down with a bottle of V. Now, multiply this out over twenty-one years and add large melted Caramello koalas as snacks in between and you get heart palpitations.

Now, I know I am one for sarcastic exaggeration, but when I woke up from a "kebab" induced coma, I swear my heart was palpitating as well. I can only reconcile this by thinking that I don't usually eat such foods and my body is exacting its revenge. So, I exercise and I still feel like I have a brick of food in my stomach and realise it is 5pm.
I can only see myself balancing this out with vegetables, and such. So, from my youth, I cooked brown rice in a rice cooker, seasoned it, added dried shitake mushrooms for fragrance. Then, near the end, I stirred through chopped broccoli, fresh peas, marinated tofu (in chili, soy, sugar, sesame oil, ginger and garlic) and cracked an egg over and let it set.
When the rice cooker clicked over to "Keep warm," I served it up in a bowl with shredded lettuce and keep some chili and soy on the side. I was going to eat it with fried dace with fermented black beans, but I wasn't that hungry or in need for flesh. Plus, it is swimming in oil.

I didn't take a photo of it because it is hideous. All comfort food is.

So, instead, I will give you a photo of the best tattoo I have ever seen. It is from my friend who I will keep anonymous, but if you have ever seen him in the flesh, acting, performing or otherwise, you would have noticed this.

It is an amalgamation of the two best things in the world. It's the Bombay Sapphire logo with David Bowie's head in the middle.


Ed said...

Very cool congrats on losing your kebab virginity. I know exactly what you mean about the fatty coating on the tongue - only high quality spirits can remove it.

Cindy said...

Your counter-kebab comfort food was sounding really impressive, until... holy crap what a tatt!

bunchesmcginty said...

Ed- I'm waaaaay ahead of you.

Cindy- it's all about that tatt. Love it.