Monday, December 8, 2008

A few random things.

My parents just got back from HK and China and decided to bring back a few things.

Firstly, I love this stuff. If I were not so reflux-y or conscious about fitting into single-digit sized clothing, then I could probably eat around ten of these in one go. It is a glutinous rice ball filled with red bean and coated in coconut. Kind of like the Cantonese interpretation of mochi, but they are less sweet and solid.

I am not sure why my parents bought me so much candy, I don't like sweets. But, this is a bag of soft candies made with rice flour, nuts and lotus seed paste. Somehow, I don't think I will have much self control around these.

And, they made a trip to China and came back with this. It's Chinese fairy floss. I am not sure what it is like as I have never had it before, but it is very solid. VERY solid. The concept of fairy floss scares me though, I know it is just coloured sugar, but think about it. Floss. Floss covered in fairy teeth-cheese.

Of course I save the best till last. Now, who has had a mother not buy them underwear before? Now, I am not sure what makes HK underwear so much better, but she insisted. Funnily enough, I think the last time she bought me underwear, I was in primary school.
However, there is a slight problem here.
1- they are grey
2- they are HUGE
See how I have compared them to a fat pair of my underpants (you know, for the winter-time when you get that layer going)and they still dwarf them. They're a size 8. So, that means that the ones my mother bought are probably the equivalent to a 14.
Why the hell she thinks my ass is that big, I will never know. But, it is the thought that counts. Although, I am slightly disappointed that they're not from Japan...

And, completely unrelated. I went to the market this morning and after laughing with a friend's friend at an Oxfam table, taking photos of puppies with shoes on (yes, that is plural, 2 dogs, 8 feet, 8 tiny, tiny shoes), I bought some truss tomatoes. When I got home, I unloaded my bounty and discovered that the paper bag had this on it.


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