Saturday, December 13, 2008

She did what?

Yeah, totally got take out.

Everything tasted metallic, and by everything I meant water, because I took a few sleeping tablets last night.

I finally regained my ability to taste at 5pm, but I was too tired to cook.

There is this place called Nasi Lemak House on Grattan st, between Cardigan and Lygon. They're good, and constantly packed with slant eyes.

Anyways, even though this is my breakfast, lunch and dinner....buncher, lunchfaster, linnerfast...I could only eat half of it.

It is very good.

Nasi Lemak Sambal Prawns $13.60
Sambal prawns with ican bilis, roasted peanuts, cucumber and a fried egg.

The only complaint is that the fried eggs sit under the bain marie instead of being cooked to order, like the prawns, and have a firm yolk.

Who cares, it's Sunday.

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