Wednesday, December 10, 2008


(I assume if they're organic, they're also free-range. A little redundant here, hey?)

So, I was talking with one of the girls at the gallery today about her breakfast.

Girl: Oh, I had eggs with hollandaise on toast. Pity they gave me crappy white bread.
Me: I haven't eaten yet. You've made me hungry.
Girl: I love hollandaise on eggs.
Me: I know, eggs on eggs. Who would have thought that would go together? BRILLIANT!
Girl: You're a smart-arse, aren't you?




I've already given you a hollandaise recipe, but here it is again.

3 egg yolks
Juice from half a lemon
150g melted butter

Whisk the yolks over a double boiler and add the lemon juice till it is all nice and pale. Add the butter, keep whisking and season with salt and pepper. If it looks too thick, add a few teaspoons of water to thin it down.
Serve immediately.

I love how the chicken shit and feather are still stuck to the egg. Hell yes!

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