Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's that?

Last night, after Vulgergrad played at the Toff, my friend who built Von Haus took tho whole gang there. Now, if you have been there, you know that they serve all wine by the glass and only ever have four reds and whites open at any one time. So, with the bottles left, they must be drunk because they cannot be served the next day.

What happens is that everyone puts in a donation at the end of the night for what we had to drink.

Thanks Hugh...or rather, thanks Mike.

Anyways, if anyone has ever been to Von Haus, you will realise that it is a very small space, impressive, but small.
Also, did anyone else hear that one of the worker's father's got their hand stuck in the commercial meat grinder here a couple of weeks ago? He now has his hand attached to his stomach in preparation for a skin graft.
It's messy work kids.

Let's take a look in their 5x10 kitchen, shall we?

Ooooh, behind the service area, are we?

Despite their diminutive kitchen, they do have room for a microwave. A life saver in the meals they cook, which are mainly stews and soups, if not tarts and pastries, platters and such.

The glorious oven and a rice cooker.
I'm happy, I could live here.

A dishwasher for the ten thousand wine glasses which they have there.

Now, in such a small space, where is the pantry and bigger fridge?
It is in one of the many trap doors in there. So many condiments.
Well done, Buckles.

Going crazy with mirror pieced mosaics.
See the figs in the corner? I'm excited.
Also note the knives and the cling wrap.
From working in the Alexandra club, I have learnt that any kitchen, large or small cannot possibly function without cling wrap.
So, so true.

Coffee machine, wine glasses and things that everyone needs in their home.

And finally, the booze that is behind the counter and more condiments to the left, made in-house.
I stood there with Buckles looking at the Hendricks going, "Top-shelf, top-shelf." The way the boys say, "Top shop," in the first season of Boosh.

Good times.


Ed said...

way they serve nuts in the alley. Checkout this pic of it.

Ed said...

I meant to say but lost the beginning:

I like the...

bunchesmcginty said...

Haha, that is great. Definitely the work of Mike. A good kid, that one.