Monday, December 22, 2008

This post has nothing to do with food.

Sometimes truth isn’t something that you want. I experienced that over the last few days and even though some people claim that I am too easy going or happy to live in denial, it is more about things not encroaching on my reality. I believe people can knock about doing whatever they do, vibrate in whatever direction and create the electricity they need to, but if they chose to go down a certain path, they should stick to it.
More often than not, there are certain things that I don’t want to know or things that come about and present themselves on my birthday.
Last year, I found out some truth.
The year before, I gave some truth and hid some for quite some time.
And before that, I rationalized some.
This year, I was involved in some strange happenings and due to the blank spot in my brain from excessive drinking; I was part of an untruth and partial-truth.
And truth be told, the truth of that night was told to me on the weekend (and not even by the person/people involved), and I am not sure what to make of it. It doesn’t quite make sense to me and I would rather leave that mess in the past.
It’s gone.
And it doesn’t change anything.
At all.
I have a friend who is filling in for my boss for the next three weeks and in that, it is hard to rationalize the friendship/boss difference and see how people are treated. We also spoke about relationships as he is going to ask his lady to marry him and he has just bought a house without telling her yet. In my apparent philosophy, he thinks I am strange, unique, or…whatever. But really, I just don’t believe in tradition. (But, I do believe in ritual.)
But really, it doesn’t matter what he thinks because he LOLed me. He aurally said LOL.
Even in an orifice space, I do not believe that was acceptable.
But, I am breaking my tone and that does not make for good writing.

My point is that in this crazy season where we tend to drink too much and watch the sun disappear and reappear with the people we are close to, some things should just be left unexplained and silent. There are certain things that don’t mean anything, contribute anything or need analysis.

Much like this pole I saw today on my way to work. Surely the bike would still be in that lock somehow, or maybe my brain just doesn't work that way.

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