Monday, December 1, 2008


I love DOC. And unlike my Sicilian friend would like to believe, it does NOT stand for Department Of Cheese.
Plus, that would make the abbreviation incorrect.

I do admit, I have been there quite a few times, too many for the time it has been open, some would think. It is incredibly Italian. I would like to rival egos and Italian-nesses of the staff here to those at the Carlton Espresso.
That is a dream for another day.

Oh, I should also mention that they do not take bookings, so you have to be smart about this one. I was here on a Sunday night and they were packed.


This is the Bresaola with Buffalo Mozzarella. $20.50.
Oh so very good and salty. The waiter accidentally dropped the ball of buffalo mozzarella on the way to the table, and it being the size of a tennis ball, decided to roll like one, next to a drunken old guy's shoe. The waiter didn't know how to save himself without sacrificing his pride, so he pretended to spill some water on the ground and mopped it up with a serviette and picked up the (dead) ball in the same go.
I was impressed.
He was embarrassed.
I was also the only one who saw.
And in case you're wondering, it is a different ball of cheese, here.

Creamed broccoli, buffalo mozzarella and Leo's sausage.
This was a point of envy for all the tables around us. I was pretty much done after one piece, having split this and the cheese above with my eating-partner.

We also ordered the Bottarga pizza with calamari, but I didn't take a photo, regretfully.

Amazing quality produce used respectfully and one of the places worth going to near, off or in the vicinity of Lygon St. Surprisingly, they do take-away, if you're that way inclined.

295 Drummond St, Carlton.
03 9347 2998

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tytty said...

thanks for that, bookmarked in my places to eat list. never would have thought of broccoli on pizza