Friday, October 17, 2008

What the Hell Happened?

So, disappointed with life, and disappointed with how incapable of drunktardedness tonight, I hiked it to Chilipadi for a whole world of disappointment.

My friend ordered something that tasted like they sucked the flavour out of one ingredient and injected it in something completely unrelated to it. And, I received tepid, tasteless something that seemed like it came out of a can and served with the wrong noodles.

We were very sad and realised ten reasons of why we will never go back there again. Needless to say, neither of us finished or even "started" our food and only a 1am Calippo saved my dear child.

10 reasons why we will never return:
1- We were not drunk enough for that torture
2- They said, "no free water at the time," while giving tables next to us glasses of water
3- Cheap, plastic, non-environmental cutlery. Like seriously, how hard is it to wash a fork?
4- My food turned up 20 minutes after my friend's.
5- It was cold
6- It was shit
7- It was shit
8- It was shit
9- It was shit
10- It was shit

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Phil Origami said...

calip oh!

never a salad with lettuce...