Thursday, October 2, 2008


Nek told me of a bar he went to with 1928 on Tuesday night and said I'd probably enjoy it. He's right (and not just because 1928 brought to my attention that they serve both Jamon Serrano and Iberico).

This bar is located on the upper level of QV with a 180 degree outside view for the smokers. There is a restaurant and a bar and they're quite good with drink prices. I mean, I got a Hendricks gin and tonic for $9.50, they're good in my books.
It's a little like walking into a large, displaced patch of a Collingwood bar, before it started smelling. It has potential (oh, no that word), and I mean that in a good way. They're very clever with the design of the space, having all the light fittings in clusters being different but arranged in the same way. The lighting also lets you read, but not feel like you're in a doctor's surgery. Think, somewhere in between getting on the verge to rip someone else's clothes off and the back corner of the basement level of the Bailleu library.

They have a manifesto, which I enjoy. They're not pretentious, but they don't serve pints (which I am not too fond of). Also, they only have three beers, but with their selection of spirits, I don't really care.
Their staff seem to know what they're doing and I think that they brought over some from the UK for this branch. Oh, did I mention that they were a chain? They have three bars in London, one in Ibiza and one in Melbourne-town.
Surprise, surprise, but the forumla works. Kind of like the fitted aprons that all their staff wear.
They did seem overstaffed for tonight, but that may just be because they're new. The staff outnumbered the patrons and were all buzzing around the bar, looking attractive. I think they have taken a leaf out of Cookie's book and hired the pretty. Something tells me that they will be receiving the "over-Curtain House" crowd and Cho-Gao crowd, as well as the international students that live in the building. Oh well.

I did spot a few Cookie staff mulling around my side of the bar, and a few pairs of tight pants.

Then it hit me.
The staff.
The tight pants.
They were feature in threethousand today.

Sad face, but it won't stop me going.

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