Monday, October 20, 2008

Something So Unspectacular is Going to Kill Me One Day.

Like making a decision.
As previously mentioned, I bought broad beans. My stock was also in a half-eaten 'can't really make anything out of what I have' situation, so I stopped by the market after class to pick up a few things that could brings my friends together.

Funnily enough, I ran into my friends 1928 and GAS. We'll just call my other friend GAS because, well, he works there. We stumble around all the vegetables and the deli and meat section together. Together, the range of our ages and races makes for ridiculous entertainment. GAS is in his late thirties, 1928 is thiry-one and I'm twenty. I think there is also a metre gap in height between me and GAS, and we all have different accents.
Anyways, we'll get over the surface entertainment here. They have, for the past three weeks, been going to the market together at the exact same time as I have. I had worked out my own system of going around and they had theirs. It was quite conflicting and hilarious to see how each of us liked the same places. After our weekends of debauchery, it was good to come back together and compare notes over food, about food, while doing food.
My main goals were to pick up a few cheeses and spring vegetables, as well as lemons. I was completely desperate for lemons.
1928 walked around with a hood on and a leather jacket over it, and we were all in black. Actually, I was wearing a shiny, red leotard in between my blacks, but it doesn't matter. As we made it out to the sunny intersection of Victoria St, 1928 still had his hood on and GAS pulled it down saying, "What are you doing? It's hot," while I commented on how it looked like he was about to run in and steal a giant fish.
Comically, they both simultaneously got on their scooters and rode off.
That was definitely not a euphemism for anything.

So, when I get home I start getting anxious about the broad beans I bought on the Saturday. Yes, I get anxious about those little guys. I wait ten months for them and they are only really around for a month and a half (if you like to push it).
I grab those kids out of the fridge and realise that I managed to cut my hand yesterday between the Lincoln and my place after beers with Ricky(and those of you who know where my house is will know that is quite a feat, as it isn't even fifty metres away).
So, I kill my hand taking the beans out of their furry homes and blanch them in boiling salted water for about sixty seconds, drain and refresh them in iced water. There is nothing worse than overcooked broad beans.
Then, I masochistically double-pod them and become so wonderfully zen. I really only end up with about 200g of beans after all of that, but now I don't know what to do with them.
There are so many options right now:

-Fry them in olive oil with pancetta and serve with lemon juice.
-Crush them with Parmesan, lemon zest and juice and eat with lamb.
-Make a pesto
-Fry off slices of peppered pecorino, add the beans and lemon juice.
-Serve warm with dill and yogurt, and again with lemon.
-Make a salad with peas and asparagus and pancetta.
-Make a pasta with that and zucchini, leek and some cream as well as pecorino.
-Eat it plain with buffalo mozzarella.

This is killing me. Hmm, if anyone is reading this and can decide for me, you can come for dinner, you know why? There are too many options to play dice man on this round.

Hrmph, life is hard.


Ice said...

Plain with buffalo mozzarella!

bunchesmcginty said...

Ha, sorry, too late.