Friday, October 17, 2008

Carlton Farmer's Market

I woke up at some ridiculous hour, hoping to beat the heat and exercised for an hour and a half. The boys were all still asleep and when they woke up and did their 'after-grog-bog' we all decided we needed copious amounts of caffeine. I suggested we go to the farmer's market because it was

a) on
b) around the corner.

But, we didn't know that we had to wade through hundreds and hundreds of cyclists and people who shouldn't be wearing Lycra. It's ok though, because Nek managed to see a lot of little puppy-doggies, which made him smile.

So, after loading up on coffee, being the only espresso drinker in a clan of lattes, I did a circle of the market and came out with something I long for all year:
I bought a kilo for five dollars, and it made me happy. (In your face, Vic Market!)

Yes, then, we proceeded to have breakfast and talk about shelving. Nek is still "wow-ing" at the idea (and for once, in reference to Nek, "wow" does not stand for World of Warcraft).

Oh yeah, we're also prepping for John Candy's birthday, which falls on the same day as Halloween. Do you smell fried chicken?

But really, folks, it is all about the broad beans.

And I would just like to add that I got to wear my first playsuit of the season. [insert evil laugh]
And, we're done.

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