Friday, November 7, 2008

To Market.

I made a trip to the market at 7 this morning. Oh, I get very simple pleasures from broad beans.

But, I bought way too much food.

-1.5 kg broad beans
-dutch carrots
-spanish onions
-wild rocket
-kipfler potatoes
-Irrawarra sourdough breakfast seed loaf
-natural yogurt
-cherry tomatoes
-1/2 dozen eggs
-lamb chops
-grana panado
-pine nuts

And it almost killed me carrying this home...until I received a phone call and saw a figure approaching me about a block from my house.
This figure emerged a week or so early, after attempting to teleport and finally perfected the art, three weeks later, after working a credit card and an air line. That's right, and if anyone reading this is thinking that I made them carry some of my shopping, you are definitely, undoubtedly, one-hundred percent, not wrong.

Anyways, I have noticed that figs are making a reappearance in their sexy, sexy glory.

Give it a couple of weeks...

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