Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Golden Ging makes a special.

A couple of boys just came back from working in Perth. I don't think words are necessary.

Hmm, green things.

The boys always have a talent for making very crispy potatoes.
All the time. It is their shtick.

These mushrooms were amazing. To quote the Golden Ging, "You see, the trick is to find all the Asian sauces you have, and then, put them all on the mushrooms while you're cooking it, eh?"
It's a good point to note that one day, they were forced to drive to Box Hill and actually buy real Asian sauces.

The fried fish fillets.

And the oven baked fish that got punched in the side by a knife. No, wait, that is called stabbing...
Very tasty.

The aftermath.

I made a rice pudding after wards, but everyone ate it before a photo was taken. And I believe they also consumed a hell of a lot of dark chocolate in the interim.

Well done, Ging.

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