Monday, November 3, 2008

The house that didn't care, post John Candy's bithday.

Let's get you up to date.
Yesterday, my oldest friend tattooed me in the Nicholson building and then we went to an exhibition at Don't Come with me wrapped in glad wrap.
We had drinks at Match.
I went home and wrote.

At around 11:
"Hi, my name is ****. You want a shot of tequila?"
"No, I'm writing."
"Oh, do you live here?"

2am...still writing.
[insert the drunken stampede of heavy heels and sneakers that can no longer sneak]
"Bye ****!"
[Door closes...door opens...five minutes later, the door opens again.]

I walk to the market,but of course it isn't open. It is horsie day.
I go home and exercise till 9:30
Potter around, replying to emails...

Nek rises and makes coffee. I am wrapped in a towel, and he has a grin from ear to ear. Lute comes out of his room wearing only blue boxers.

Nek: I totally caught you eating a Lamb kebab last night!
Me: Is that why the door kept opening at 2am?
Lute: It is the only time where my kebab craving has been premeditated. At one, I decided, Yep, I am ending this night on a kebab. And I would have gotten away with it if you didn't need condoms.

All: hahahahahha

Lute: Actually, in your words, after coming to my door wrapped only in a white sheet, lots of condoms.
Me: I'm glad you all thought I was asleep.
Nek: You were trying to hide the kebab when I was at you door.
Lute: Totally, I was all, put it on my lap and push into my desk, hide it under my shirt, put it in my drawer, but it was all too late!
Nek: It would have been better if you climbed out of the window to get a kebab rather than using the front door.
Lute: I know...
Me: I'm going to put some clothes on.

10 minutes later

Nek: So, what are you doing today?
Me: I'm going to write.
Other girl: Oh, you're not doing anything for the Melbourne cup?
Me: a story about a horse...
his name is Cuppy. Cuppy the horse.
and he's friends with two girls.
Nek: STOP!!!
Me: and a bear that gets shaken...
Nek: STOP!!!
Me: this is your doing.

And, after three hours of writing a story that isn't about Cuppy the horse, I'm hungry. I dig in the back of the freezer and find wonderful Asian goodness that I can only translate as Joong (hehehehe). Despite it making me sound like I am incapable of speaking, it is a sticky rice dumpling with mung beans, peanuts, chestnuts and pork wrapped in banana leaves that my parents and I sat around making a month or so ago.

I am not going to post the recipe, because I can't translate most of the ingredients and no one who reads this blog will make them anyways. Today is all about efficiency, coffee, beer and Cuppy the horse.

Now, get back to it, you heathens!

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