Monday, September 1, 2008



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wrong town

Now, we should associate these actions with this erm...vegetable.

Supposedly a bitter melon, according to my people. I am not close minded, or restricting my palate. In fact, I deliberately attempt to eat this at least twice a year to see if my palate has changed, or if I can actually grow to like it.

Sadly after twenty years, still nothing.

In fact, if I can say anything that is valid about this vegetable, it is that it looks like that it has contracted herpes.

Green, mouldy herpes.

I will even go as far as to say, if I could give herpes a taste, it would be this very vegetable.

Now, let us repeat...

wrong town

I am not saying that if you have herpes, that your extremities necessarily look like this.
I have also never tasted herpes, so cannot entirely comment on the flavour, so feel free to correct me.
I have nothing against people with herpes.
I have nothing against people who like bitter melon, hell, I eat condiment sandwiches.
I have no authority on the hierarchy of vegetables, or STIs.
I have nothing against you if you so happen to also live in a suburb, state, village or province which is actually called wrongtown, nor necessarily believe you function for the soul purpose of insulting the aforementioned vegetable.

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Charlotte said...

I have been catching up.
It makes me miss you like hell.