Monday, September 29, 2008

Sad Face

Ok, so I had eggs and odd ends, and it has taken me to make sauces again to experience irony. That's right, everything in this post-modern world is so bloody ironic, and is even more ironic when you don't realise it till later.
I have a housemate who is never home and never cleans. Fair enough, he's not here to make a mess.

But, this is what happened. (I will, post-modernly tell you the story in a cartoon, seeing as the majority of my friends think I have walked out of one. The quality, I tell you now, is questionable.)

Anyways, My phone rings and I go off to another room to talk because I have no reception in the kitchen. Strange, I know.

Anyways, after the conversation, I see that my housemate who is never home is home (gasp!) and that he is cleaning (double gasp!). Actually, he is doing the dishes.

And really, I wanted to draw a picture of him because he is a body builder and I was going to make him look like an Asian Ninja Turtle, but I have already given up on that dream.

Back to the point...he looks at me and says,
"Oh, I wash dishes. There was this yellow stuff in a bowl, and I thought it was off milk because it is warm so I pour into sink.
Ok la. I go to gym now, bai bai!"

And this is me after he leaves.

But it is okay, I was just filling time and have nothing to eat with the Bearnaise anyways. So, what do I do with the whites?

I have learnt from using the 'Preview' option and checking in with my patience that I shall never attempt to use Paint again, and should probably use the camera. But it proves entertaining for me, nonetheless.


Cindy said...

No, don't resort to a camera! Your diagrams rock.

Jessica said...

Haha, thanks.

I drew things at work today...soon,my pretty, soon.

Agnes said...

The cartoon was awesome! Nice to know that if you ever run out of e-film then you'll still be able to illustrate your posts.