Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laneway Fornication.

We all know Dondons in the city. We also all know Rue Bebelons in the city. They are two completely different schools of fish, besides the fact that RMIT students run them over.

They also share laneways.

A while ago, they opened up a Don Two on Lt Lonsdale st.

Well, it appears that on Cardigan St, they have opened up a Don Tojo.

I saw the old owner of Rue Beb's (as the 'cool' kids call it) in there making coffee, then stopped and looked at the menu. It is the Dondons menu. I have concluded that through the city stores, they fornicated and spat out this concoction through their meeting laneways and mutual toilets.

It's a little weird as they constantly play bad covers of good songs, but maybe that is what they think Melbourne Uni students like. At least they have a coffee machine.

However, it doesn't mean that their coffee is any good. I found that out the hard way.

I spoke to the old owner of Rue Beb's and he said that he doesn't want this place to be associated with either Dondons or Rue Bebelons.

Sorry to say, but it is a little difficult, dear.

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