Sunday, September 21, 2008

How Unfortunate.

I work in a bank. Bank people are weird, especially when it comes to group activities, cleaning days and charity events. It is a little like a cult of naive people who think that I am "edgy."

I walk into the break room (which they call the "break-out area") to make some tea and someone is eating what I am assuming is their lunch at 10 in the morning.

Person: Oh, can you take a look at my bread? I think it has gone off. It's sour, but I got this sandwich made today.

Me: Um, you're eating a sourdough bread, its meant to taste like that.

Person: Its really dense.

Me: Yeah, its meant to be like that.

I walk back to my desk and I get a group email about work, that is attempting to satire how institutional the place is. Its not funny. In fact, it is a little racist and derogatory towards marginalised people.

Bah, education.

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