Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And on a side note

I donated blood today. Yeah, they finally let me, after three previous attempts. The woman who interviewed me kept raving on about Gary Glitter and his bad touchy, touchy through the whole thing while ABBA blared in the background.

Yet again, my veins are hard to find. Stupidly I had a work out instead of eating lunch before my appointment.

Hot tip; don't do that.

So, when my head finally connected to simple, every day motor skills, I hid in my room. Hmm, still a little woozy and faint, but that's just my own fault.

Made tofu burgers, for some strange reason.

I hate getting on my moral high horse, but you should go and bleed for people if you're able...and I'm not talking in the emo kid way.

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