Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make me dessert, bitch.

I went with my friend to Box Hill to look after his parent's house last week. There, we cooked a steak dinner with crispy potatoes, broad beans and salad. I did the potatoes and broad beans and he did the salad and steak.
At the end of it, we were both stupidly full and watching terrible late night television, telling our stomachs that it was all going to be ok. Of course, we were watching SBS where there was this awful Australian film with Jaqueline Mackenzie getting naked, yet again.
I think that was pretty much the only reason why we were watching it.
Boy, she really does like showing her tits.
Really, she's been doing it since Romper Stomper...and I am guessing that was quite some time ago.

As a woman, I feel obliged to say, good on her.
As a human being, I say, I'm over it.

Anyways, when we were finally comfortable, my friend turns to me and shamefully says, "I feel like dessert. A bread and butter pudding, specifically."

You see, the problem here is that neither of us can drive, and we had to work with what we had. No, correction, I had to work with what his parents had. It is a good thing that his mother is a big food person.

So, after scrounging around, I managed something that was apparently pretty awesome.

I didn't eat it. As I said, FULL.

NOT bread and butter pudding.

1/2 an apple tea cake, sliced to 1cm thickness
2 eggs
soy milk
raw sugar
home made fig jam with brandy

Arrange the tea cake in a greased, deep baking dish. Beat together the eggs with a splash of cream and some soy milk. Add a few tablespoons of fig jam and some sugar, and beat till the sugar dissolves. Pour over the cake in the dish and dot butter over the top of the mixture.
Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or till just set.
Serve hot with cream and icecream.

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dario vacirca said...

i love broad beans - always and in every direction