Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a big, fatty, food day.

I had arranged to load off some of the hot cross buns that I made the other day. The receiving soul would be Claire and +39 was the decided venue. Even though I hadn't eaten the sausages that I was part of this morning, I felt like I had.

Maybe it was because despite showering, I still smell like meat.

Or maybe it is the phantom smell of meat following me around, like...a...bad...smell.

Yeah, that didn't work out quite as well as I would have hoped.

Whatever, we split these, in true I-want-to-taste-everything style and there was no shame in taking out a camera and admitting a possible doubling up of posts. The only advantage here is that I don't have to go to work until 6, and I guess Claire is working until 6.

The pizzas are $10 each. This has eggplant, cherry tomatoes and breadcrumbs. In the ways of DOC, thin, crisp bases you fold together to eat like a sandwich. Very simple, light and flavoursome ingredients that still manage to hold their own textures.

But the clincher, (I love sharing food, you never get food envy) the Burratta, $16. A perfectly creamy and salty ball of cheese torn over penne in napoli with a mellow clove of garlic and basil leaves. Welcome to flavour country.

Perfect with the Peroni.

362 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Phone 03 9642 0440


claire said...

You are sooooooo quick to write stuff up! Am v jealous.

It's 10pm and I'm having a BAD comedown from all that caffeine that made me so damn jittery at lunch today. But it was lovely to see you, and thanks for the HCBs! :)

bunchesmcginty said...

Absolute pleasure. I have been working until now. Definitely needed all that caff, which I had more of when we parted.


And no gizzards?