Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't send the search party.

As Claire may have suggested. Who knew? I disappear from Twitter for a few days and people think my own festivities have swallowed me.
Well, actually, they have.

I worked on the Friday before the party and then, met up with my friend's at midnight and went a little spastic till around 8:30. Then I had to get mine ready...

I won't show you normal photos from the night because they are more than incriminating (Play-brawling, pissing out of the second story window, licking wooden floors).

But let's just say after the cops came four or five times, we turned into gutter scum and started drinking scotch out of ramekins.
Well, even in my state, I demanded that we get all of these back.

And what is great about being 21 is all the food people give you when they realise you're too much of a tomboy to want clothes or make up.

Anchovies. I'll bake these with a mixture of breadcrumbs, mushrooms, brandy, herbs and butter for dinner and eat it with polenta or some crusty bread.

Coffee and cookies. The coffee I love, the cookies I am yet to have ever tried or discover.

This is from Phil, Charlotte and her mother. This is kickarse and some items are in the fridge. Crackers, a triple cream brie, a cheddar, Nicolas Olives, a Phillipa's Olive Toscano loaf, a bottle of Hendricks, tonic water, a cucumber, herbs, chili and jamon.

This much jamon. Jamon Iberico.
Loves it.
I kept going and ended up at rooftop recovery drinks, cookie and here, at Goose and Vinyl when I finally regained my appetite.
I'm drinking a Hendrick's martini but they had no cucumber. The olives were...eh.
We ate sweetbreads on polenta, a duck liver parfait, a chopped salad, and Coffin Bay oysters.

This was after I was forced into an interim by going to work and after work, do a tasting from the new menu. I was struggling, but hell, is it good. I think my fellow partying workmates and I managed about three bites and one oyster, along with a bottle of wine between us all.

Then I went out and did this for a FUR shoot in 2 weeks.
Don't worry, there is a slight colour in there now so I could go out in public and not look like Big Bird's ass.
It will be red.
And cutty cutty cutty.
We'll see how it goes. So far it looks like fun.
And now, lunch.
From front to back, untoasted Phillipa's Olive Toscano bread with jamon iberico, toasted with cheddar, and toasted with cheddar and jamon iberico. All drizzled with some oil I picked up from the Slow Food market.

I think I am ready to rejoin the civilized now.

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