Friday, August 8, 2008

The complete misadventure.

Markets are evil and do NOT allow me to restrain myself, unlike supermarkets which seems like I only really have to go there for basic toiletries. I say BASIC because all supermarkets recently took away my toothpaste. I am very particular about my oral hygiene and I will generally trek around town to compile my stash.
The toothpaste that I speak of is in fact Listerine toothpaste. I got one of my friends, who used to live on the other side of the river addicted to it, we will refer to him as 1928 (for those of you smart or drunk enough to work it out...then give yourself a point). When he tipped me off on the Priceline on Chapel st stocking it, we pretty much bought them out. I had been reserving and rolling up the impossible plastic tubes for the dregs of my last Listo-blast-mouth-ness until I went to the Vic market the other day.
I went with a friend who is still a hippie despite his denial and is in love the Tea Tree Oil toothpaste. After we ran around and got all our bits and pieces, and somehow scored 3x $10 organic meat trays to divy up later, we stopped at the chemist in the deli section. He eyed off the Tea Tree toothpaste, which is only slightly easier to find that Listerine and after he acquired yet another tube, he felt like he won at life.

"What ever happened to Listerine toothpaste?" I said.
"Oh, you can still get it. We don't have any here, but I can get someone to run down a few tubes for you."


I will never have to set foot in a supermarket again.

This wonderful woman, who is now someone I would consider marrying for this sole purpose, literally called the main pharmacy and a man who looked like he was 112 ran to her with three tubes of the precious blue squishy stuff in his hands.
I bought all three.

Usually the little things like organic eggs, in-season produce, impossibly fresh seafood or meats get the better of me. However, on this day, I would have to say the pick of my bounty was indeed the toothpaste.

I went home and made a pea and ham soup, only becuase I felt the need to make stock on the gloomy day. Zucchini fritters and a lamb, eggplant casserole with a tomato base.
I haven't eaten it all and it has been 5 days since. I have been best friends with my freezer and I think my friends are starting to think that I want to fatten them up.

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