Friday, August 8, 2008

Does money buy you irresponsibility?

Silk Road.

You have to hate the fact that you like it, and somehow always feel like a hooker there.



That's just me.

But, I recently ate at the Teppanyaki section and was a little more than shocked when the chef seemed a little less than apathetic that he was serving ling. As far as I know, it is a non-sustainable fish and when I brought the issue up, he acknowledged it and continued on.
My thoughts are that if he is the chef, surely he would be able to influence the things that he serves to his patrons. I also thought about the amount the would be buying.

I know that money can lead to overindulgence, but I think that there is a very clear line between indulgence and being irresponsible.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a hippie, but I don't think it is right for such a big place to be uneducating what this whole movement of food is about. It is promoting the wrong ideas and ideals about what money can do for your stomach.
And sure, I am willing to pay an overly inflated price for alcohol (I mean, something has to pay for all that fucking electricity running through the place...which I still frown on, but no one can make a green-bar, can they?) but serving something which is obviously not in surplus and basically encouraging people to fuck with the ocean gets me a little peeved.

Obviously people who don't know this will go off and try and buy ling.
Obviously when people are drunk, they care less.

I know it sounds stupid for me to say "Kill responsibly," but that is really all I am getting at. It has been weeks since the event and I am still thinking about it.
And hypocritically, I ate it. And what makes it worse is that it was overcooked.

Rant over.

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