Monday, August 18, 2008

Need to rest.

I think my insides are screaming just a little. My heart may be hardening or clutching at itself, as my liver is slowly cowering and pickling in a Jess-shaped jar.
I went a little hardcore last week with the eating and didn't really adjust my exercise to suit it. This is what a confit must feel like.

Amongst the usual shenanigans...the hootenannies...irresponsibilities, I ate out a little too much.

Monday: Malaysian take out in nurse of a hangover.
Tuesday: 100 Mile Cafe after the Hive meeting
Wednesday: -
Thursday: Cafe Bedda
Friday: Vue de Monde
Saturday: 3 Generations of family dinner...Asian banquet style
Sunday: DOC


I guess what I am trying to say is that I have to eat simpler this week. So far, doing the vegetarian thing without cheese (*tear*) and exercising more.

Dare I say detox?


Man With A Van said...

Weak, McBeanpole, weak. Just pop into the vomitorium after your next bit of gluttony. And relish in a little more "incidental" exercise. ;)

Agnes said...

That is a pretty good eating out list. Who needs a heart and liver anyway, right? :)

dario vacirca said...

so man with a van you are an eediot yes!. why don't you have your profile open and make your own contributions so other people can slam you inanely as you do to others