Thursday, July 31, 2008


When one assumes an alter-ego known only by people who are not "in-the-real-world" acquaintances, it is a lot easier to not only be candid, but ridiculous. Shame, embarrassment and humility somehow crept its way into my hung over head when I had to admit to my drunken-lout friends at an absurd hour of the morning that I had to retire because I had to, " Meet some bloggers," in the morning, and then say, "I'm FattyMcBeanpole," when the social experiment started.
My head feels a little heavy.
Only recently had a close friend of mine discovered that I wrote my misadvevntured food-styles under FattyMcBeanpole. After the of-course-you'd-name-something-that-stupid laughter subsided, they asked me why.
It's all because of whim, I thought to myself. But, no one likes that type of reasoning, it's not interesting enough.
So, I defaulted to my "because I was drunk and thought it would be interesting."
Still, a disappointment to hear, but it sounds less evasive.

Cheers, its time to drown some riot.

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