Sunday, February 3, 2008

What I have missed posting...

In laziness, a full time job and general exhaustion coupled with a preoccupation for sex, I have missed out on posting a few things.

Here is a brief overview:

-Tempura Hajime, 60 Park st, South Melbourne.

Getting a booking in a week and falling in love instantly. Amazing food. I went mad, called people during the meal to tell them how amazing it was (ducking out), eating more and being determined to book out the place for the second sitting for my birthday. It is one of the top food experiences.

-Longrain, 40-44 Little Bourk St, Melbourne.

Wagu beef red curry, Salt and pepper tofu over asain greens. Shared with a broker and a veitnamese woman...and a bottle of wine.

-Seamstress, 113 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Hendricks gin and tonics with fresh cucumber. Food will be done.

-Hotel Lincoln (my local), 91 Cardigan st, Carlton.

Many a meals had here and too many drinks. Recently though, Scallops with asian salad, creb tortellini in a seafood bisque, ricotta pancakes.

- Il Bacaro,168-170 Little Collins st, Melbourne.

One of my loves and I only reappear there more and more. Met the owners and staff the other day while buying a ridiculous shirt (and by default, the workers of Sarti as well). Great warm people with an Asian fetish. No Deal.

-Cho Gao(I think), opposite the Hoyts in Melbourne Central.

A few beers were had and it is decided that we should food here. Asian beer cafe, basically. Methinks a little like a more laid back, airy and non pretentious Cookie. Let's see how their food stands up.

-Wesley Anne, 250 High st, Northcote.

Shared an antipasto plate and pan fried hapuka. Many beers. Great night, cheap food, half the price.

-Hans Palace, some place in the burbs. Go Eastish.

Apologies on the vagueness of location. That is what happens when you eat a Cantonese seafood banquet with your extended family. One of the better establishments I have been to, and noticeable better quality and lack of msg. Highlights: claypot with sea cucumber (one of my favourites). Garlic "dust" and lo hon jai (vegetarian stew thing).

-Cafe Vue, Normanby Chambers, 430 Little collins st, Melbourne.

Just their Lunch box. Ocean trout and lentil salad. Broccoli, coriander, pine nut & raisin salad. Venison, wholemeal pastry. Rasperry Frangipane tart. Best lunch ever. Coffee- strictly an Illy short black. Magic.

- Many dinners that I have cooked.

Some of the more memorable items: salmon patties with wholegrain mustard, served with a radish & greens salad dressed with a honey mustard business. Some random pasta I threw together with caramelised red onion, chilli zucchini, pine nuts, chevre & roquette. Somehow that night, I managed to have an 'every course has cheese' night.
There was also a night when I was over at a friend's place, and they had nothing in their fridge...and I mean nothing. I ended up making mayonnaise from scratch with nothing (I was so surprised) and a very poor-man potato salad. As I said...I don't generally dig on potatoes, or a mayo based potato salad...but we were desperate. Thank god for capers. Personally, I would have preferred a Vinegarette/mustard based one. As I said...nothing in the fridge.
Many toasties through the working days. Lots of miso. Many salads.

Now, these examples are not chosen because they were particularly better than any other, but basically because I am very hungover and I can only remember so far. But, looking at all the places I have eaten or have been eating in the past month and a half...that is a lot of food.

I'm going to go exercise now.


I forgot about:

-DOC Mozzarella bar, 295 Drummond St, Carlton. (Where Vue de Monde used to be)

I have been here on many occasions, but obviously we're all coming here for the Buffalo mozzarella. I got a ball of this with grissini and bresaola. They also do pizzas, salads (which you can enrich with either buffalo mozzarella or fior di latte; the difference is it is either made with buffallo milk or cows milk) and antipasti. The most memorable pizza was when I shared the squid ink and buffalo mozzarella pizza with a friend of mine. We both walked out of there looking as if we had been eating charcoal. If anything, we laughed so much, other people started ordering it.

-Gills Diner & Commercial Bakery, rear 360 Lt Collins St, Melbourne.

I have been here many times and love all the food. This was quite a few months ago, but their coffee is also of stand up quality. Gills may be a little decadent for a lunch and I can no longer do it due to my 30 minute lunch breaks, but god is it good. Hot tip: go find yourself a sugar daddy and make sure you're not the one paying if you plan on doing this more than once a week.

-Ortigia, 1/433 Little Collins St, Melbourne.

I must admit, I love the spoons here. Just go and you will know what I am talking about. opposite Cafe Vue, it is a good relief from all the Illy advertising for coffee just as well made, food as comfortingly impressive and with friendly staff (unlike Cafe Vue). Instant coffee hit. P.S Don't steal their spoons or they'll blame me.

(*more memories later*)

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