Friday, February 8, 2008

The Local...the local...the local.

The rain has come, which means that I can transform, once again into a giant blue triangle (we're talking in terms of coats here).

With another visit to the Hotel Lincoln after shearing one side of my head again, so I look like a wonderful Asian cyborg with an undercut, my Wednesday night became quite decadent. I met up with the usual food suspects and after a few ummms, ahhhs and Asahis, the four of us decided on:

-Duck and cherry pie served on a celeriac mash with a thyme jus x 2 (I was one of the 2)
- Fish of the day. Whole pan fried flounder with bok choi and XO sauce x 1
- Southern Indian Prawn curry with garlic Naan x 1
-Asahis x 12

The duck pie was very rich, as you would imagine. It was wrapped in puff pastry (I suspect out of a frozen block) and tore apart into shreds once you cut into it. The celeriac mash went very well with it and there was hidden wilted spinach between the pie and the mash. The only complaint I have is that the jus wasn't very thyme like, it seemed like they just threw it in at the end. Also, it was very salty.
I sampled some of the prawn curry. It came with naan, raita and steamed rice. The curry was very coconutty and, The raita was wonderful and as one of my friends pointed out, the star of the dish. I sampled the overly oily naan. It tasted like pizza dough that had just been thrown in the oven in a thicker shape and doused in oil and garlic at the end.

Despite this, it was a great, cheap meal and I guess a little rich for a Wednesday night.

We rolled the other side of the street and slept it all off.

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