Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to blow $50 in 20 minutes.

After a sore night of drinking a little too much, I napped between drunk and not so drunk and realised that the sun was up.
Now, any normal person here would just lie in bed for the rest of the day or at least drink some water, curled up in the corner of their room screaming, "Leave me alone, I just want to die and listen to the Manic Street Preachers pre '96!' But, I stupidly (and as I post this, still believe I am drunk from all that...well...drinking that I did last night/this morning) decided to get up and go to the VIC market.
Here is the deal. I usually pride myself on the amount of cheese that I eat, but, this week I decided that I have enough cheese in the fridge and to budget myself down to a $50 thing.

Ok...maybe I'll buy one cheese.

Here's what I came home with:

-Cherry tomatoes - 1 punnet
-Cherry roma tomatoes- 1 punnet
-blueberries- 4 (wtf?!?!?!?!) punnets (I realised that the crazy asian lady accidentally gave me someone elses purchase)
- broccoli- one head
-leeks- 4
-celery- half a bunch
-chilli -10, of the bird''s eye variety
-ginger- a giant knob
-galangal- and even bigger knob
-real garlic- 2 heads
-spanish onions - 3
-brown onions- 4
-nicola potatoes- 5-6
-kipfler potatoes- 2-3(the strange thing is, I dont really eat potatoes)
-necterines- 4
-figs- 300g
-gai larn- 1 bunch
-fennel- 2
-witlof- 2
-some asian green that I don't know how to translate
-basil- one bunch
- thyme- 1 bunch
-lemongrass- 1 bunch
- limes- 4
- beans- 200g
-peas- 200g
-roquette- 250g
- bean shoots- 200g

then...I went to my trust cheese people and they're still on holiday...the lazy bastards. At this stage, I had only spent around 30 dollars and the shrapnel jiggling around in my wallet. Sure my arm was about to fall off and I was sweating bullets of pure alcohol from trying not to throw up on people, but the cheese had to be done.
I couldn't buy bread, because I still have a loaf at home, so, with all this nauseousness I decide to venture into the fish and meats aisle. I'm too drunk to even begin confusing myself with all the varieties of dried meats and sausages that I would be scoffing down later in the day.

More of the holding back of barf...but, add to the list

-Ling fillets- 2
-Pearch -1

Ideally, I would have bought a coupld of blue swimmer crabs, but they had all been purchased or packed up by the stage. It was 30 minutes from closing time.

And now, I cook.

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