Sunday, February 3, 2008

I will it to be winter.

It is humid and disgusting, being a 31.5 degree celcius day with a thunderstorm a-brewing. If it broke out, I would consider it perfect weather.
My braindeadness at work is slowly killing my soul. My enjoyment of the day is absuing business bankers and laughing at the stupidity of argibusiness managers that think that they can discharge a cow. Again, it only sounds dirty. If it actually were, I wouldn't hate my job.
There are only so many things I can do at work, and with it being completely dark outside, and overly air conditioned inside, I can't help but think it is winter. This is why I am going to make a leek and fish pie with the ingredients I bought.

Oh yeah, add leeks and asparagus to yesterday's list.

Anywho, this is what I plan on doing:
Making a garlicy potato mash to top the pie with, using the rockling fillets and slicing them up and arranging them on the bottom of a pie dish. Meanwhile, I'll saute off some garlic, onion, and leeks and pour over some cream and mix in some dijon till it boils. Finally, I'll break up some cheese into the sauce so it thickens (trying to go away from the flour thing, I want to feed my housemate who is gluten intolerant) and pour it over the fish. Then, I'll quarter a boiled egg and put it over the top, squeeze over a bit of lemon and top it with the potato mash. Bake it in the oven on around 200 for approximately 20-30 minutes.
I'll probbaly serve it with a simple lemon and rocket salad.
As previously stated, I'm not really a recipie person and I do everything by eye. Use your imagination and make up some of your own quantities.

While all this is going on...I am still going to hope for rain.

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