Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emtyo el-fridge-o

So, unexpectedly, I leave for Darwin again a lot earlier than expected. But then again, this Darwin trip was quite unexpected. With invisible prodding and audible word-speak, as well as a sweet friend with travel points...Darwin.

-read: 35 degrees
-read: ozone
-read: Jess possibly exposed to nature
-read: best hawker food in Australia
-read: crazy, fun times
-read: fuck, I have to cook off most of the shit in my fridge before it goes to waste and I kick myself in the face.


So, I invite a dear one over for a meal and make something out of an idea of nothing. Too many conjugations? I believe so, but that just means I have already had a better night than you.
I get home from work and make a pizza dough, based off of the Donna Hay recipe that I have varied over time. My logic is that this neutral dough goes with everything.

After tearing apart my fridge for the perishables-within-a-week, I make somewhat of a mess, but not quite.

Something quite edible

1 quantity pizza dough
1 zucchini, shaved length-wise (organic)
150g button mushrooms, sliced (organic)
100g pine mushrooms, sliced (organic)
50g swiss brown mushrooms, sliced (organic)
3 leeks, washed and sliced (organic)
1 handful organic cherry tomatoes, halved
2 eggs, hardboiled and quartered (organic)
1 cup melting cheese, grated (I used a mixture of fontina, regianno and gouda)
6 kipfler potatoes, washed, boiled in salted water (organic)
unsalted butter
good quality extra virgin olive oil
garlic to taste, minced
1 chili, minced
balsamic vinegar

-Make the dough, punch down and allow to prove.
-Meanwhile, cook of zucchini in hot pan with oil, season to taste, splash with balsamic and cook off vinegars. Don't overcook.
-In the same pan after removing zucchini, cook off leeks and mushrooms in butter and oil, season and add garlic and chili.
-Preheat the oven to 220. Place in pizza stone on top shelf. Take hot potatoes out, leaving skins on. Smash lightly with a masher and season, add rosemary and drizzle oil over the top. Place in oven.
- Roll out dough in a long rectangle, around 50cm x 10cm. Layer the zucchini along the dough, leaving a couple of centimetres on the top and bottom. Then, layer the eggs, cheese, tomatoes and then the leeks and mushrooms. Season. Enclose by pinching dough together along the top and roll into a tire shape with the enclosed section facing the middle, pinching both ends together. Brush with oil. Place onto the heated pizza stone and allow to cook for 20-30 minutes, or till golden.
-Slice and serve with potatoes.

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